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What Makes Us Different?

Scandinavian Hemp, same old, but with a new face!

The bestseller from Sweden, Scandinavian Hemp, is now back again with new, fresh labels, and new products to boost! Hemp is a plant that has been used in Scandinavia for centuries, dating all the way back to the time of the Vikings. It has traditionally been used for fabric and as fuel, but during the recent years, it has become more and more apparent that the benefits of the hemp plant doesn’t end there. Hemp is packed full of healthy substances, from minerals and vitamins to antioxidants and healthy fats, but most importantly, the bioavailability in hemp is extremely high, meaning that the human body is able to absorb almost all of the nutrients that hemp has to offer, when consumed in the right form.

Our philosophy is our product range

Being one of the pioneering companies for CBD-oil production in Sweden, we developed a unique method of extracting the CBD and nutrients from the hemp in the most natural way, making sure that we keep as many of the nutrients as possible through the procedure. This means that when you use our CBD-oil, you don’t just consume cannabidiol, but a more well-rounded, full spectrum product on all fronts.We believe in high quality and transparency, and that there should be something that will fit everyone’s needs.

The hemp for the oil that we produce is harvested from organic Swedish farms, located far away from roads and settlements, to guarantee that it is free from toxins and pollution. No concentrates are used in our production, as it may interfere with the bioavailability of the ingredients. Every batch is not only tested in our own chromatograph, but also sent to be third party tested to make certain that we maintain the high quality on all our products. We have diligent staff that works around the clock to always be vailable in case our costumers need them to answer questions or help sith orders, as we know that some of our clients are in situations where time is of the essence.


Ready to Purchase Premium CBD Oil?

Never one to stay idle, we constantly work to expand our assortment to ensure that we’ll have something for everyone. From once only having CBD-oil, we now have a wide rang of products, everything from capsules to food, balms, supplements… even something for our four legged friends! No one should be left behind, as we all deserve the best.

CBD Oils

Balms & Liniment packed with CBD is the ultimate topical solution for your everyday life! No matter the lifestyle you live, we have something for you!

Hemp Capsules

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system, meaning that our 4-legged friends also can benefit from the good effects of CBD.

CBD Cosmetics

Balms & Liniment packed with CBD is the ultimate topical solution for your everyday life! No matter the lifestyle you live, we have something for you!

CBD for Animals

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system, meaning that our 4-legged friends also can benefit from the good effects of CBD.


The History of Hemp

The history of hemp in Sweden is a long one. As mentioned above, there is evidence that it dates back as far as to the age of the Vikings. 

It is believed that hemp came to Europe and Scandinavia through traders from the Asian mountains, where it once were native to. As hemp is a resilitant plant, it soon took to the soils of the foregin countries, and became one of the six most important crops of Sweden. There was a time during the 13th century when you could even pay your tax with hemp. It was used for everything, from clothing, ropes, bedding… Even to make the sails on the navy ships.

 The famous Swedish herbalist, Carl Von Linné, categorized hemp into the Cannabis Satvia L family, and it seemed like the plant was here to stay, until the petrochemical era of the 19th century came around. Oil, paper, and timber companies conquered out the hemp industry with cheaper prices, and while hemp got a second wind during the second World War, it almost completely disappeared when US president Richard Nixon started his war against drugs in the 70’s, and the Swedish goverment followed by completely banning the cultivation of hemp.


6 Reasons to Choose Scandinavian Hemp

A Taste of the Nordics

We are born in the nordics, our hemp is Swedish. What we offer is not only a incredibly potent CBD oil but also a taste of the nordics!

A Taste of the Nordics

Some of our products are not cheap and we know that you have worked hard for your money. Therefore we will compensate you if you are unhappy with your order or experience with us.

A Taste of the Nordics

We have complete control over our production line. From plant to finished product. Therefore we can be completely transparent with you, and at the same time assure you that the product you receive in your mailbox is of the highest Swedish quality

A Taste of the Nordics

We are known throughout Scandinavia to provide the highest quality CBD oil there is. The recipes and ideas behind each products has been there since 2014 when the brand was started!

A Taste of the Nordics

Call us, email us or send us a chat message. We will be there and answer any questions or help you with any inquiries you might have in regards to your experience with us.

A Taste of the Nordics

All of our products are made by us. We don’t outsource any part of the production line and can therefore ensure a very high quality product at a great price.