Own production

Health products of highest quality

To obtain a good product, the process is as important as the raw material. Our aim is always to preserve as much as possible of the chemical components in the plant while keeping the added components to a minimum: hemp is a naturally well balanced cocktail of nutrients that work in concert, and that’s how we want to keep it.

Our hemp is grown in Falbygden, a plain surrounded by mountains and many thousand years of cultural history. The medium we use for extraction is organic olive and coconut oil: this is the method that, according to studies made in Italy, best preserves the beneficial components in hemp, while leaving none of the harmful byproducts one gets from extraction by acetone, carbondioxide, or alcohol.

As you may notice in our shop, we have a selection of flavoured products for those who prefer their hemp oil not to taste of hemp. The flavouring is as carefully selected as our hemp is, and consists of 100% essential oils extracted from ecologically grown plants.